We finally have the Eco SpinBot Directions updated here.

Makerfaire 2016 was amazing! We had a great time building Bots with lots of kids for three straight days!  We also launched our new Eco kit, We were kitting parts as we were selling them which made for a very exciting weekend.  Thank goodness for Victoria, Gigi, Jennifer, and Mai who saved the day.

Here's another link to the ECO Spinbot instructions, you can find them on their own page on the menu bar above.

Stay tuned for more....

Woo Hoo! we are back at the Makerfaire Bay Area 2015, which is the 10th anniversary  of this amazing event. Look for us in the main expo hall, we are across from DFRobot (cool company) and Roblox.  Looking forward to the awesomeness and all the wonderful people who make  Makerfaire what it is.


SpinBots at the Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco.

We were honored to be a part of CCM's Innovator's Program and held two workshops in August.

Summer is for Camping

ArtBot Toys went to camp!  Makers Camp during Art On The Move week.  We had a

 blast and had a great hangout with all the campers.

You can find out more about the hang out here.

Maker Faire Bay Area officially the best ever.

Well we thought so at least!

This years event was one of our best yet, we have been participating since 2007 and it just keeps getting better and better.  We had a great team of people helping out and they really worked hard to make it a success.  We had so many roboteers in our workshops, young, old and several who are graduates of our previous workshops.

All in All it was great fun.  Maker Faire is the highlight of our year!  Can't wait for the next one.


Check out our latest collaboration with Make: Library Makerspaces (link)  The goal is to provide robot kits to libraries! How cool would that be if you could check out a kit, build, learn and play! When you are done, return it and check out the next kit in the series.

Open Make:  At The Tech

We were invited to participate in the grand opening of The Tech Studio, a makerspace for young people at The Tech Museum of Innovation. From their website:

A collaboration between The Tech Museum of Innovation, MAKE Magazine, and

Pixar Animation Studios, Open Make is a monthly program highlighting the tools,

techniques, and ingenuity of local Makers.

For each Open Make, we'll host Maker-led activities, Meet-the-Maker talks, and Young Makers Sessions in our innovative new space, The Tech Studio.

There was a great write up of the event over at the Maker Education Initiative.

Here are more photos of the workshop fun

More fun with your SpinBot:

Switch out the Pens with any blinky LED's or other lights and make light paintings!

Night time kitchen floor fun:

Update!  11/23/12

Here's the new packaging!

We are so excited to be in the Makershed!   We are looking forward to working with Make: to bring more of our robot kits to young makers everywhere.

The Make: youtube video can be viewed here!